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Should this document and our community be preserved for the years to come, you may be reading this on Mars… or further. Congrats to you. You made it! I hope they have good french fries up there!


“The people are the only legitimate fountain of power.” — James Madison

As I sit here writing this I realize the importance and meaning of this document. I do not take lightly the responsibility of laying out an 888-year vision that will serve as the foundational document to our ever growing community for years to come. I will personally not know the impact of this vision, nor can I guarantee that it had any impact at all. I also realize that a 100-year vision may be equally as effective, but a higher target (even if we as a community don’t see it to completion), sets the precedent for a basis of thinking that has no boundaries.

The purpose of publishing this document is to lay the groundwork for what may be a community that lives in 2,100 and beyond — to carry forward our original values into what may end up being web 4, 5, 6… or something entirely different.

Throughout this narrative, you will notice an underlying theme of collective unity that extends throughout everything. I personally believe that the total unification of humanity will propel us into a realm of possibility unfathomable by even our greatest minds. It has been proven time and time again that we as people are far more capable and resilient as a species when collectively working together. As Aristotle said, “Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual.”

Historical Perspective:

Imagine that you stepped back in time to the year 1023. You’d have no idea about that year’s most significant events like Abbad I declaring the Taifa of Seville to be independent from Córdoban rule, Abd ar-Rahman V being proclaimed Caliph at Córdoba or the Ghaznavid Empire’s occupying Transoxiana. Who are these people, where/what are these places? Nothing, merely sands in the course of history.

On the other hand, in that same year, there was a horrible epidemic in Kyoto that spread throughout the country, with corpses scattered in the streets. Unfortunately, you can relate to that.

Now imagine you could go forward in time just 888 years to the year 2910.

What will they remember of us today? COVID-19? The names of national leaders?

Or perhaps not. Perhaps they will remember blockchains, NFTs and DAOs. Perhaps they will remember that these technologies were the beginning not of a new world order, but of a New Galactic Order. An order that empowers individuals to own their own lives, control their own destiny, and ensure their personal privacy.

None of us will be around to know for sure or to even imagine what will come to pass in 888 years. But our vision is that human society today is at an inflection point that will change the trajectory of civilization, not just on Earth but throughout the galaxy and perhaps the universe.

What our vision can imagine, no matter how profound, no matter how fantastic, is but a faint light shone on what will actually transpire over the next millennium. The reality of 2910 is beyond all our imaginations.

We believe the foundation of that vision will be decentralization. This foundation is the inspiration for the SHIBADOGE experiment we have borne. And today we unveil that vision. This will be followed by the historical context, the roadmap and trajectory, and the execution. We are merely the founding volunteers and temporary stewards of this vision, of this project.

Ultimately, its fate depends on you, the community of today, of your children, and of dozens of generations to come.

The Timeline of Progress:

As this story unfolds and our time has come, it is incredibly important to maintain a macro view and clear perspective of both our origins and our outlook on the future. One must look at the world over a long period of time to truly understand the power of holding. An investment of $100 in the productiveness of the American economy (particularly the S&P 500 for the purpose of this calculation) in 1950 would have yielded you and your heirs more than $250,000 dollars today (Feb, 2022). Too long of a time period for you? Well, let’s look at Amazon. Remember the world’s largest online book store? What started as such a novel and niche concept now sits at more than $1 trillion dollars in market cap (Feb, 2022). A $100 dollar investment in Amazon on IPO day would’ve yielded you more than $1.8 million dollars (all in less than 25 years).

Now, what am I really getting at? It’s clear isn’t it — the world is moving ever faster as technology disrupts our global economy, making the thirst for innovation and a more connected society unimaginable. What was achieved by early investors in the S&P 500 was accomplished by early Amazon investors in 1/3rd the time. As we embark on the evolution of technological disruption in Web3, my expectation is that the window becomes even shorter.

Are the early investors of Amazon and other great technology companies touting their entry points and exit points? Are they telling tales of how they bought low and sold high enough times that they created generational wealth on the swings? I know of none.

Great investors look to invest in ideas, vision, and mission. They don’t trade; they invest. They adhere to a core set of principles that guide and provide reassurance during uncertain times. Do these investors have the same fears that all of us do? Certainly! We’re not AI (just yet)… However, their commitment to the long term vision is what separates them from the herd.

Take for example the numerous crises that companies like Amazon have faced through the years. Whether those be supply shortages, technological failures, the housing market collapse, 9/11 — you name it. Through all of these potentially disastrous occurrences for Amazon, they remain and thrive today. (For those of you reading this document in the far future, it remains to be seen whether Amazon remains a giant in your time so please do check your history books if you’re asking yourself “What is Amazon?”. Hint to future ShibaDoge family: it’s not the Amazon rainforest — we know what happened there.)

The proof is in the pudding and you’re probably wondering what this has to do with Crypto and ShibaDoge. Well, the window of time for early investors in Shiba, as well as for many other tokens, was even shorter than all of those combined. At the start of 2021, a single SHIB token could have been purchased for a microscopic fraction of a penny (10 zeros to be exact). 12 months later the price dropped 6 zeros and delivered more than 45 million percent return. To put this in perspective, $5 dollars invested (& held) at the beginning of 2021 would have made you a multi-millionaire at the start of 2022. It’s a new world people, you see?

Speculators believe that the crypto market will bring upon the next age of humanity. As it stands today, crypto (as a whole) is already a multi-trillion dollar market and is heralded to surpass everything that has come before it. An entire revolution is emerging that will fundamentally change the entire basis for how society interacts and connects with each other. Irrespective of how crypto evolves, its foundations will propel us to the next stage of evolution.

So what makes crypto so different than any revolution in recorded human history? Well, surprising to some, we are actually not that old of a species on the timeline of life on planet Earth. For much of our history, we have been beholden to a centralized government and ruling body. The incredible thing? This movement to give power back to the people can only be possible now.

Every single invention from the modem, mobile phone, Internet, digital payments, social media, and much of what comprises of the world we live in today, needed to be created for the inevitability of the decentralized world of tomorrow. That’s the beauty of innovation — what came before is what defines tomorrow. Innovation is an iterative process, continually improving, optimizing, and transforming. That is how all species live out their lives.

The paradigm shift of centralized entities and corrupt monopolies converting to the will of the people is the ultimate human experiment — and world changing if we make it. By shifting the power into the hands of the people, we drive a cultural transformation that will obliterate the confines of our societal construct. History has proven that the will of the people, joined in singular focus, has brought humanity to unimaginable heights.

Why Decentralization?

Democracy is far from perfect. For the elite, the allure of corruption and personal gain is often too great of a temptation for those at the helm to rule with society’s best interest at heart. This is a problem that has existed long before our time and will continue to exist long after we are gone. We have seen it many times, as nations with great promise fall into disarray by the hands of the few that rule them. Where are today the greatest empires that once ruled from sea to sea? What do we have today of the great Persian Empire created by Cyrus the Great or the Han Dynasty that endured more than 400 years? I question whether things would be different if the power to govern were not limited by the few? Would the human species have advanced beyond its present state? The appetite for power has corrupted even those with the best of intentions, and we as humans are naturally drawn to wanting more. This raises the question — and this is something that I often ponder — is a world without war and greed even possible? The hope is that this imagined future forms the essence of the ShibaDoge experiment.

The obvious truth is that we humans have never achieved total collective unity. There has never been a time in history that we have seen the entirety of the human species come together in pursuit of common goal(s)— therefore we have yet to see the full breadth of our capabilities. Now, do not be mistaken… I have no expectation that we shall ever see it, nor do I think that I have .0000001% of the ability to take on such a feat. However, I have seen incredible innovation by even the smallest of groups of people working together. The way I see it: If we, the founding volunteers, can unify a few lives with the seeds that have been planted, then I will have at least played some positive part in the world.

The Future of ShibaDoge:

We intend to institute the following actions on behalf of our community as our project emerges from the small seedling it once was. These actions shall serve as a framework for our path forward, and shall not be considered a roadmap with a clear and defined schedule or timeline:

Contract Renouncing: At some point in the future, the time will come to renounce our smart contract. This will mean that further changes are no longer possible and that additional innovation will be limited to the confines of the existing framework.

Hyper-Deflationary Tokenomics Adjustment: Because we have a free and open marketplace to exchange tokens, the transaction tax was designed to reward holders through components of scarcity, reflections, and supporting liquidity. As it currently stands (at the time of publishing), our tokenomics include a 5% tax that is allocated to the marketing wallet. These funds are allocated to ensure the growth of the project and community. At a certain point, when our community has reached critical mass, the diminishing marginal return for every marketing dollar spent will substantially decrease. At that time, we will convert the 5% marketing fee to be allocated to the burn wallet, rapidly decreasing our token supply over time and accelerating the scarcity of each individual token circulating in the market. This includes all the fees accumulated via 3rd parties, which include centralized and decentralized exchanges, etc. This is why our Tokenomics are so incredibly important. We designed the Tokenomics to exist well beyond our time.

888-Year Liquidity Lock: Long after we have passed and generations upon generations have come and gone, our liquidity pool will remain locked. Some might ask, why only 888 years? Well I firmly believe that it is impossible to see far into the future and it is irresponsible of us to make a determination of such caliber beyond this period of time. 888 years provides for the security of our community for generations to come.

Unity DAO: A healthy community is one that self-governs. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) are a form of governance in crypto that gives the decision making power to the people. DAOs are incredible structures that serve as the essence of decentralization. We will be creating a DAO with the purpose to govern the project’s future, empowering those who have voting rights through token ownership to continue on with the core beliefs and philosophies of our ecosystem. This will not be limited to governance exclusively related to the ShibaDoge project and its future; it will encompass all that we set out to achieve as a community of one. I foresee no challenge too great for our community if it stands together, unified under a common purpose. Just imagine what is possible.

Open Source Protocols: We intend to develop our ecosystem to empower our community through open source technology. This means that developers, creators, and the greatest minds will have the capabilities to further our mission and bring their imagination to reality.

There will come a time when the chart will no longer interest me and my fellow team members. The chart is merely an indication of the ebbs and flows of capital that move in and out of an open and free marketplace, not an indication of the performance of any one individual or catalyst. The chart, whether up or down, does nothing more than appease the weary and short term thinkers. This is not the intention of what we have built, nor will it be the driving force of our actions and decisions. You can refer to our initial founding article that laid out the vision for our community (we’re well beyond what we could have imagined when we launched — I might add).

We are still in the early days of our global growth story and it is incredibly important that we hold dear the truths upon which our community was built. As our roadmap and adventure unfolds, additional frameworks may be put in place but the underlying motivation and philosophy will remain the same.

It is with great honor that I have been given the opportunity to service a community of people who share our vision of unity. To pursue and participate in something far greater than myself has been the most rewarding endeavor of my lifetime. What started as an experiment in the unification of tribalistic and fragmented communities has evolved to become so much more.

What I am most hopeful of is that our community does not collapse in on itself. The great nations of the world have thrived not because of the overarching rule of governments (in many cases the authoritarian lead nations have been short lived), rather the people that make up the nation are those that have brought about incredible progress.

Musings on the Pillars of our Future:

1. We believe that blockchains are not just for a few coins, as they are today. Most tokens, of course, live on an existing blockchains, for example the Ethereum network or Binance.

Instead, in our vision, every human being — in fact, sapient entity, human or alien (this is 2910, after all) — has its own blockchain. That blockchain is the alpha and the omega of true self-ownership. It holds your monetary or fungible assets, your digital assets like NFTs, of course. But it also holds your thoughts, your brain, your neural net. Eternal physical life does not seem possible, but the eternal existence of your thoughts and memories become possible due to deconstructing neural architecture and the architecture of consciousness itself. Aristotle, da Vinci, Einstein, von Neumann are all dead, yet all we can do is read what they said. But we cannot converse, debate or think alongside them.

In 888 years, possibly in 100 years or fewer, this will no longer be true. In Plato’s world of ideals, everything on Earth is an imperfect reproduction of what is perfect in the abstract. In our future, the self-owned blockchain will contain the perfection of everyone’s individual existence. Eternal life not physically, but through the eternal blockchain.

2. The seed of new civilizations intergalactically. Eventually we will leave Earth. The technology will exist. But what will we bring to new planets, new solar systems, new galaxies? Will we rebuild what we have here after terraforming? Will we have to start almost anew?

Or…will the seed of new civilizations be memes in the blockchain? Will we transport — or teleport — digital representations of our greatest and best ideas and people, ready upon activation to transform the blank slates of other worlds into possibilities we can barely imagine? Yes, we mean that the key to breaking the bonds of the Earth may very well be self-ownership as ensured by the blockchain and ideas as codified by NFTs.

3. Now we come to the foundation: SHIBADOGE. And there is one overriding reason why: UNITY.

Nothing we have described thus far is possible without unity among all people. Yet today you hear pundits, politicians, and talking heads speak of conflict and civil war.

So we must start small. The great ideas stand on the shoulders of giants, but first the giants must stand on solid, implacable ground.

We start with SHIBADOGE because the idea of warring communities between DOGECOIN devotees and SHIBA INU devotees is, to be blunt, petty. No grander reality is possible unless we validate and test our vision by proving what is achievable at a very concrete level. Elon Musk is accelerating the advent of renewable energy, but he didn’t even start with energy, but instead with cars. Steve Jobs transformed human interfaces and effectively invented the modern smartphone, but he started with a computer that was easy to use, and before that, with the elegance of calligraphic forms.

SHIBADOGE, as it is conceived today, is that first step. We are not bringing peace to the world, or the universe — YET. How can that even be possible when something as small as SHIBA and DOGE are at war. Not even a fraction of our population on this planet can get along.

Rather, we must all start with a rock-solid foundation and grow from there. That growth then expands to communities, then to states and countries, then to the world at large, then to other planets, then to galaxies, all mediated by the proliferation of DAOs and self-owned blockchains, which include NFTs, and perhaps by then… Much more.

To those who say this is impossible, what would you have said to Copernicus, Galileo, Einstein, JFK or Tesla? Or to Alexander the Great or Buddha or Churchill? Or to Picasso? Or to MLK, Jr? Or to The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? Or to Jeff Bezos when amazon was nothing but a messy office in his house?

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it Santayana

All great change starts small. If it starts “great,” it fails because there is no foundation. We learn from the errors of history. Societal transformations can never originate from modern-day monopolies, big corporations, governments, but from the human equivalent of individuals and DAOs. This is where we are starting. That is why SHIBADOGE is the path to and way of UNITY.

With ❤️

Peter & the Founding Volunteers

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