Introducing the Burn Project

Buyback & Burn Scenario
  • We are starting with a max supply of 1 Trillion Tokens.
  • 80% of the total supply will be burned on launch.
  • 7% is allocated to the Buyback & Burn wallet (2% of the pool is allocated to ShibaDoge | $SHIBDOGE tokens). Burn Tokens bought back are going to be completely removed from the blockchain and will never return — TrueBurn™
  • 3% is allocated to the Liquidity pool.
  • 3% is allocated to the Development wallet to further the development of the project.
  • 2% is allocated to the BurnDAO Treasury.
  • .15% Max Wallet Size



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Shiba Doge

Shiba Doge

The first community driven token created by Shiba & Dogecoin whales coming together for the greater good of both communities.