Introducing the ShibaDoge Armory

Shiba Doge
3 min readJul 12


Congratulations on making it this far, comrades.

If you’ve been a part of our community, you’re well aware of the evolution of NFTs that we’ve brought on through Dynamic NFTs (DNFTs) and on-chain equipables (we call them EFTs). This system still embodies what we believe is the future of NFTs and how they can thrive in the real world. NFTs as they once were are practically dead (controversial statement I know), but the proof is evidenced by the market conditions. I mean, what did we expect was going to happen? You can own land and build on it, but you can’t build on your NFT? So all the FUD from NFT naysayers were right? Is it really just a JPEG? Not on our watch.

Now, we are bringing a new layer to our DNFT system, which we are calling the Armory. Simply put, the Armory is your marketplace to get upgrades and items for your ShibaDoge NFT. If you’ve already bred a Doge Army and a Shiba Army, you’re familiar with our system that allows you to mint your own custom ShibaDoge NFT with items that make every single ShibaDoge unique to you. With the armory, we’re expanding on that foundation by giving you more items and a hub to continue evolving your NFTs within our ecosystem, granting you access to special rewards and a lot more items to choose from.

We’ve spent months learning and developing what we believe to be one of the most unique project specific marketplaces that exist in web3. I mean it’s seriously good, and we’ve even considered talking to projects about leveraging the technology if it means new NFT innovations.

Here are just some of the features you’ll see both now and down the road:

Black Market & General Store: There are two marketplaces in the Armory. The General store is where you’ll find mostly common items that serve two functions, aesthetics and collecting items to merge into upgrades. The black market is your hub to acquire more rare items that have lower supply counts and may contain special perks within the warzone seasons.

Bundles: Bundles are a collection of items that can be purchased in a single transaction and at a discount. Bundles may contain rare items and are a great way to save if you’re looking to buy for multiple ShibaDoge NFTs.

Gas Savings: We’ve implemented an add to cart feature that will let you buy multiple items at once, in a single transaction, without having to pay an increased gas fee for each item.

Buy with ShibaDoge or ETH: Items can be acquired with ShibaDoge and or Ethereum. Items may be discounted when purchased with ShibaDoge and some exclusive items will only be available via ShibaDoge tokens.

Ranks & Tiers: Items will be ranked in 5 different categories. The categories are: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The lowest ranked items are common items and the most unique are Legendary. Higher ranked items will enable unique perks in warzone seasons and grant you access to special events and challenges depending on what you own.

Merging: Items will be mergeable, enabling the ability to increase the rarity of lower ranked items. Items of equivalent rank can also be merged to increase the tier of the item. For example, merging two legendary items may create something entirely unique and increase its tier, giving you higher rewards and special access to unique events.

This is just the beginning. We are excited to see how the ecosystem evolves in the coming seasons. We will keep evolving the system as we learn more about how it’s used. Let’s have some fun.

Oh by the way, as part of our vision for a decentralized future, we’re going to reinject up to 90% of the sales into the future warzone season rewards and throughout the ecosystem.

We’ll be launching this in the coming days and are looking forward to your feedback!



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