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Missed Bitcoin? Don’t Miss Gold!

Gold, the precious metal that has been sought after by humanity for thousands of years, holds an unparalleled allure and timeless fascination. From ancient civilizations to modern times, Gold has been the symbol of power, wealth, & beauty in all of humanity's recorded history. Now available as a meme coin on the Ethereum blockchain with a token supply of 21 million, the same magic number that Bitcoin used.

Why Gold?

We thought long and hard about the type of token we wanted to be. Obviously, we wanted to continue our legacy within the memecoin space. But which meme? What would be something that is truly timeless? The thing about memes is that they come and go pretty quickly. But what about the memes that have stood the test of time? There are these moments in time and culture where an idea or phenomenon becomes a generational shift. We believe Gold to be that meme. It’s not the crypto digital culture you’re used to, but it’s already a part of your daily life in so many ways beyond the digital sphere. Gold is a universal language that has no borders and isn’t dampened by politics. Wherever you are, whenever you are, Gold is something that will always be perceived as something of value. People want it and they are willing to do unbelievable things to get it.

Think back to some of your earliest memories. What do you think of as a symbol of value? What do you see? Was gold not one of the symbols that defined wealth? Really think about it. Given the opportunity for a 5-year-old to choose between a $100 dollar bill and a gold bar, which do you think they will gravitate towards? It’s ingrained in every single one of us. Through generations, we have been programmed to love this shiny metal object.

But times have changed. We are no longer on the Gold Standard, and we are no longer heading in the direction of a fiat currency. It’s a new world, with digital at the forefront. A world where single/or multiple currencies prevail, but are not held back by the borders they are in. Cryptocurrency enables us to take the same principles that make Gold such an integral part of our culture and recreate it at a global scale.

Also Gold is shiny and cool. We like Gold.

History of Gold:

The story of gold dates back over 5,000 years, with its origins shrouded in the annals of history.

Ancient Egyptians, for instance, considered gold the “flesh of the gods.” They believed that gold was imbued with magical properties, making it the ultimate symbol of divinity. This belief was further enhanced by the Pharaohs, who adorned themselves lavishly with gold.

The ancient Greeks valued gold for its intrinsic beauty and cultural significance. During the Golden Age of Greece, gold was woven into the fabric of society. Used in Jewelry, statues, architecture, some of the remnants of the impact gold had on Greece is still visible today.

The Roman Empire considered gold to be the standard for power and wealth. The Roman fascination with gold extended to their everyday lives, with gold coins becoming the standard currency of the empire. The Romans’ love for gold transcended aesthetic purposes; it became a symbol of their economic might and political dominance.

In the seventh century, the Islamic Golden Age took hold, bringing forth advancements in science, mathematics, and art. During this period, gold played a central role in Islamic culture. It was used extensively in architectural ornamentation, calligraphy, and jewelry. Gold, in this context, not only represented wealth but also spiritual enlightenment and divine beauty.

Fast forward to the modern era, and gold’s allure remains as strong as ever. It has stood the test of time as a safe haven during economic uncertainties. Investors flock to gold during financial downturns, seeking stability and a hedge against inflation.The gold standard, which once anchored global financial systems, underwent a significant change in the 20th century. Previously, countries pegged their currencies to a fixed amount of gold, ensuring stability and trust in monetary value. However, over time, the gold standard was abandoned by most nations, replaced by fiat currencies that rely on government backing rather than a physical gold reserve. This shift allowed for more flexibility in monetary policy but also introduced new challenges in managing inflation and economic stability…. Wait… Isn’t this what Crypto is all about? Seriously though?

Notice one thing? Gold has been an integral part of some of the largest empires in the world. Societies that have defined our modern society that we know today.

Gold & Bitcoin Comparison. Gold a meme coin??

If you’re even remotely active within the crypto community, it’s no surprise that Bitcoin is considered the Gold Standard of Cryptocurrencies. Ethereum has always been for the broader developer community. Bitcoin should, and always will, be the go-to coin that defines where the cryptocurrency market is at any given point. Eth and all of the big tokens basically follow Bitcoin. So what would happen if a token was introduced with essentially the same tokenomics as Bitcoin on the Ethereum network?

What would happen if the gold standard became something that was a tangible cryptocurrency that was freely bought and sold with a limited supply of just 21 million tokens (exactly the same as Bitcoin)? What would happen if the exact same principles of decentralization were ingrained in the contract and tokenomics, with developers & creators that were meme-friendly and a part of culture just like the buyer of the token? Eh.. Who knows. Guess we’ll find out…

More Additions Coming Soon…

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In the interest of continuing our beliefs within the world of decentralization, we’ve once again arranged for tokenomics that are both culturally relevant, but also something that can grow and scale. We can’t guarantee that anything good will come of it, but at least we’ve set it up for success. We believe that the tokenomics are an essential part of the token contract that will guide the future of the project. As one of the most important choices that are made with any cryptocurrency, our singular goal and purpose with these tokenomics is to build for longevity and to make sure the project can be successful in any climate.

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