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Shiba Doge
4 min readAug 7, 2023

The year is 2042, and our technocratic vision of the future has expanded beyond anybody’s wildest imagination. Society has rapidly evolved, technology has advanced at staggering rates, and most of the population is kept complacent via the metaverse.

Welcome to Cyberia. Welcome to Central City. Welcome to hell.

All would be lost and there would be no hope, if not for two small rebel factions of humanity’s last furry fury. The Doge Army and Shiba Army are the only defense against the oppressive United Diplomacy Federation and their sadistic leader, Acheron.

Their ranks are few, their resources almost nonexistent. But they’ve managed to string together enough strategic wins throughout the years to keep their movements alive.

But time is running out for this rebellion — and the UDF has gotten more aggressive in their control of Central City. They’ve now moved their patrol of UDF goons within the perimeter of the city, and are abducting random children with no explanation.

The Shiba and Doge Armies have to do something.

However, the two factions have been engaged in a decades-long feud. None among the ranks even remembers how it started, and yet their hatred for each other burns brighter than any star in the sky.

A few among both armies know one simple truth: they will never defeat Acheron while divided. Only by uniting can they loosen the fascistic grip of the UDF on our world.

But how can they do this when the leaders of both armies refuse to meet for peace talks?

A small enclave has been meeting up in a secret underground base called Recon 1 to strategize a way of uniting the two armies into one. They are a ragtag crew of enlightened members of the Shiba and Doge armies. They are “Operation ShibaDoge.”

But even they are starting to lose hope that the factions can be brought together. That is until they meet Dr. Morse — a former UDF scientist who defected from the organization when he was asked to conduct inhumane experiments on children.

He escaped the UDF to warn the Shiba and Doge armies of what Acheron has planned — and to bring them a secret weapon: Chemical F.

Chemical F is a serum that, when injected, can fuse two fighters together into one powerful super soldier hybrid. Morse developed the serum for Acheron so he could use it to create a powerful hybrid army to crush the Shiba and Doge once and for all. But Morse wants to help the Shiba and Doge use Chemical F to create their own hybrid army of Super Commandos and finally defeat the UDF once and for all.

And with Chemical F, the Shiba and Doge armies can finally be united — literally — as the ShibaDoge Army.

But will they succeed? You can experience this epic story of intergalactic war, the battle for humanity, and a team of super-yoked, shirtless doggos teaming up to defeat an evil tyrant and his army of fascists right now by minting your free copy of Issue 1 of the official ShibaDoge comic series.

Issue 1 is a 22-page full-color comic developed by ShibaDoge Labs that tells part 1 of the original story of the Shiba and Doge Armies, and their fight against the evil Acheron and the United Diplomacy Federation.

To celebrate the ShibaDoge comic universe, we are offering the first edition for free as a commemorative mint. Mint yours now, and stay tuned for announcements of subsequent issues of the book coming soon!

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