$SHIBDOGE (Bringing Together Mortal Enemies)

Shiba Doge
5 min readDec 24, 2021


Hello, I am Peter, and life for me has been interesting thus far. I was down on my luck for many years, having tried multiple businesses and ventures that didn’t pan out. I got scammed for most of my life savings by a few nefarious people who seemed legit to me. Times were tough, but I had been following this coin called Dogecoin for quite some time. It’s all ironic as I write this because the coin was essentially started as a joke. After having spent some time in a few forums and subreddits, I saw the community begin to emerge from a few dedicated believers to something that started to be taken seriously. Having spent a lot of my time on previous ventures trying to sell my visions, with financial forecasts and complex financial models, I was absolutely amazed at the power of decentralized communities coming together to help each other out. The power quickly moved from being something that a few people dictated the rules on, to something that could not be dictated by monopolies. It truly felt like a secret society that I could not join unless I met their ridiculous criteria. This is what kept wringing in my ear, taking over my thoughts day in and day out. I began to talk to my friends about decentralized communities and they looked at me like I was crazy. Nonetheless, I continued pursuing my curiosity and inevitably decided to purchase my first Dogecoin. This was 2017.

Today, Dogecoin sits at a market cap above $20 billion, and the community is incredibly large. More than 4 million holders… I must have been one of the early adopters but in reality, at the time, my only goal was to support the project. I didn’t expect much of it and was just happy that I could just be in a community of people that were pursuing the same mission and had the same sense of humor. I’m not going to disclose how much I personally have invested in Dogecoin, but I will tell you that it has changed my life. I still live frugally, watching over every penny that I spend, and have yet to sell my Dogecoin. I have however started increasing the quality of life that I live — buying organic foods, taking time for meditation, focusing on personal health, and enjoying the little things just a bit more. I don’t focus on the daily grind anymore, living paycheck to paycheck. I here and there sell a few Dogecoins to pay for dinners with my wife and friends, enjoying a good brew and some tasty appetizers. I am utterly and eternally grateful to the community surrounding Dogecoin and I will continue to support this wonderful community until I am no longer here.

Now, on to Shiba… Having heard about this coin through the community that it was essentially the “Dogecoin Killer”, I of course took an immediate interest in the project. Not so much because of my personal belief in Dogecoin, rather, the potential threat it caused to my community — the place I call home. I kept a close eye on the evolution of the coin and reported as many details back to my Dogecoin friends to the extent that I was able to. Nonetheless, I saw a similar trajectory with Shiba that I saw with Dogecoin, so I decided to make a small investment. I also recommended to my Dogecoin friends that they also participate — having seen the emergence of the Dogecoin community. Again, and I don’t understand why or how, but I became incredibly lucky… I won’t of course disclose how much I purchased, but I can tell you that it has only further solidified my belief in cryptocurrency and given me diversification and balance in my own financial freedom. I’m so incredibly lucky, but I never stray too far away from the emotions and hurdles of the early days — prior to the success of Dogecoin and Shiba. I find myself still double checking receipts, looking at my bank account 3 times a day to make sure that I haven’t eclipsed my budget. I guess all this still doesn’t feel real… I’m glad it’s that way.

Now, on to what really perturbs me. Having seen the incredible growth of both of these coins, I have seen the emergence of a complete divide between two communities that are pursuing the same thing. It makes me incredibly sad to see that these two communities who essentially were started for the same purpose, fight each other. I am a firm believer that by working together, as I have seen so often with the communities I have been apart of, can create more value for everyone. I simply can’t understand the purpose of two beautiful communities fighting each other for the sake of reigning supreme…. For what??? This is decentralized finance with decentralized communities… Remember?

My team and I, having seen the fight become vulgar and aggressive to the point where Dogecoin holders and Shiba Inu investors are absolute mortal enemies, have decided that we needed to figure out someway to bring the community back together. The power of these amazing communities coming together is significantly more valuable than two independent parties competing against each other for a “winner takes all” scenario.

I am not sure what the success of this project will bring, and frankly I will be purchasing some tokens at launch at the same time that everyone else is. I just want to participate in a community that is fighting for the same goal, I am so tired of the fight between two “armies” competing for the same goal.

I, and the rest of the team, have no more financial incentive in this project beyond what is given to us at launch as an airdrop. Our purpose is to act as a volunteer. A member of the community, above all, with the only benefit being, to create a community of people coming together for us to hang out with. We have financially done well with our investments in the early days of Dogecoin and Shiba, and money is not the motive… Looking back at it now, the money is nice and has helped me live a better life with security, but the community has given me purpose. I want to create something for the people… A place where the community is not interested in fighting, competing, or destroying each other, rather a community of people who see that we are all love and social beings coming together for a greater good. This is the formula for growth and development of a human species. Whether this works or it doesn’t, it is merely an experiment in the idea of merging and blending two audiences together to showcase that love trumps all… We can create something bigger, and better…..But only together….

With love to both the Dogecoin and Shiba community. I cannot thank you enough. You have provided my family with sustainability. You have provided me with purpose, excitement, hope, and a reason to keep going. I’m eternally grateful to you and I will always support you.

  • Peter

P.S. We are conveniently launching on Christmas. May this be a Christmas gift to all!

We appreciate your interest in $SHIBDOGE. We are an experiment in community togetherness. Everyone on the admin team is a volunteer and a supporter of our vision. We have no financial incentive outside of what we are receiving as a small airdrop of 1% of the total supply for each of our 5 volunteers. Beyond that, internal team will purchase no LESS than 5 minutes after launch. 100% of all reflected funds are used to grow the support for the project (Sorry we can’t fund it ourselves). Irrespective of you purchasing the token, or just participating in the community, we appreciate your support in bringing two of the largest crypto communities together into one.



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