$SHIBDOGE Successful Launch Recap

Shiba Doge
3 min readDec 30, 2021

Fellow ShibaDoge Comrades,

What a Christmas it was! Congratulations to all our fellow comrades who were able to get in at launch and those of you who helped prove out our experiment in bringing together the two largest alt coin communities in the history of crypto. Less than a week into launch, we have surpassed a whopping 2,600 holders of the $SHIBDOGE token and our community on Telegram and Twitter has grown to more than 2,500 people joining in on the revolution! Not having had any expectations for what the launch would bring, I was astonished at the momentum and immediate adoption that came in seconds after making the contract public. Within 72 hours, we saw a WHOPPING $50+ million dollar market cap, with one of our largest buys being more than 28 ETH. I anticipate as the market cap and holder base grows, we will see buys that are much larger as significant Doge & Shiba whales adopt the project.

Amongst the crowded and saturated space of crypto tokens, $SHIBDOGE stood proud along the trending pairs on sites like DEXTools and CoinMarketCap. Our community was able to drive more volume than some of the most well known tokens in the space. I guess it clicked… The people understood what we are here to do… I am in awe…

I have personally seen the ebbs and flows of many tokens, particularly that of Dogecoin and Shiba. To see the same trend in a community experiment so quickly after launch is something I could never have imagined. I don’t claim to be a chart reader or sophisticated analyst, I can only say that when you do this long enough you start to see a pattern.

I am grateful to the community of early adopters who are each playing their part in bringing the adoption of $SHIBDOGE to the masses. A token is only as successful as its community, and I am getting the same spiritual experience that I first had participating in the early days of Dogecoin. People from around the world are contributing their ideas, talents, and helping hands to make our mission successful. It’s magical… As important as the charts are, the real key to the success behind both Dogecoin and Shiba, as well as other successful tokens, are entirely dependent on the community. Project devs have limited resources, particularly in time. By having the community come together as one, “an army”, we extend the reach and accelerate the growth of ShibaDoge by massive multiples.

To this I say… The job has only just begun. The team and I have done our part to ensure a successful launch and we are only more committed to seeing the success of this community. We promise to do everything in our power to be the guiding light to this community, and we can only hope that the people will do their part to bring about a positive, safe, and welcoming environment to all our eventual adopters. Spread our mission. Spread our cause.

As your dev team, our focus from here on out will be to accelerate the accessibility of the token and make it more widely available to the masses. We will continue reinforcing our mission in all our marketing and including the community on key decisions that affect us as a whole. This is our commitment to you. Who knows where this will go from here, but if we stick together, nothing is out of reach.

With love,

Peter ❤️




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