The When Doxx? Paradox

Shiba Doge
5 min readJan 12, 2022


Oxford Languages describes a paradox as a a statement or proposition that, despite sound (or apparently sound) reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that seems senseless, logically unacceptable, or self-contradictory.

Oxford Languages also defines Dox / Doxxing as the search for and publishing of private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the internet, typically with malicious intent.

As I have said from the very beginning, the intention behind my efforts in this project is (and always will be) to provide opportunity for the people of this world. It is no secret by now that myself and the original team of volunteers have been incredibly fortunate in life as a result of the crypto boom. It has not changed the way we live, however, it has given us the freedom we so desperately needed to open our hearts to humanity.

You see, when you are playing the rat race of life, fighting the tides to just get ahead by a few inches, it is all too easy to forget what really matters. The hard truth is: we all start this journey of life with an abundance of love and curiosity in our hearts, yet as we grow older, society slowly but surely chips away and eats at those noble instincts… Until they’re gone… As we grow older (and colder), we find ourselves incapable of self-actualization and coping with the truths of our harsh realities. Our internal dialogue as a child is to seek answers, whereas our adult dialogue seeks to determine blame. We look for scapegoats, projecting the blame for our own inadequacies and shortcomings on any and all things that appear to be doing what we so desperately desire to do for ourselves. This fallacy of humanity is one that compounds, inevitably creating the society we see today. One that is divided, constantly in turmoil, and far from the equilibrium and harmony required to build humanity into the future. For this world to see true prosperity (and there is an abundance of it for all), the tragic cycle of the human condition must be broken.

This is why I find it so entirely amusing when people in crypto ask the so overly uninspired “Wen Doxx?” question, as if it was some tribal right of passage. Don’t get me wrong… I understand the need to have a level of accountability, especially with all the scams, rug pulls, and absolute crap that people try to sell you. However, there comes a time you find something that really works, makes sense, has all the pieces in all the right places. Promises that are made, are delivered. All the right things together, yet there’s no one directly to blame? How can we deal with that? How ever will we survive?

This is where my participation in the early days of the Dogecoin community was so impactful. You see, not much was known about Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer in the early days of the coin. Billy, himself, (now you can find him on Twitter as Shibetoshi Nakamoto — give him a follow, he’s a one of a kind character) actually left the project after developing and laying the initial groundwork for the project in a few hours. Having started it as a joke, when Billy’s Dogecoin was worth enough to buy a Honda Civic, he sold it off and rode off into the sunset in his sweet new ride. As far as I can tell, he has no regrets not being involved as a developer anymore. So why the Dogecoin history lesson? Well, you see, as I witnessed the progressively larger ebbs and flows of the coin, I never saw the community fall into each other looking for a singular entity to blame… There just wasn’t one… The devs did what they promised to do… The future would be determined by the community, and no other. Rather than seek to blame, I witnessed this wonderful group of people come together and pick each other up. If one of us was down, we were all down. If one of us was up, we were all up. This was the mindset that made this community so special. This is what made Dogecoin so loved and notorious in the Crypto space, and why I hold till this day (In all transparency I check the price once in a while, never more than a couple times a month). The same goes with Shiba Inu. What do we know today about the developers? Does it even matter? What matters is that there are more than a million people around the world working to make Shiba Inu and the community greater with every minute that passes.

We as a human species naturally look to align with a leader. That totem pole. That figure head. For Tesla, it is Elon Musk. For Apple, it was Steve Jobs. For Bitcoin, it is Satoshi Nakamoto. But was 100% of the success of their seeds driven by them? Is Elon making the introduction to the fellow tesla drivers you meet while you’re waiting for your car to charge at a supercharger? Is Steve Jobs placing that apple sticker on the back of your car window? Is Satoshi reassuring you of your investment in Bitcoin, or is that being done by the community that believes their passions to be an extension of themselves?

We the ShibaDoge…

The new world belongs to the people. Decentralization is far more than connecting your wallet to websites and playing cool games with tokens attached to them. NFTs are more than just collectible cards and cool art projects (no knock on them because there are some really cool ones out there). This is a world powered by the people for the people. It is for that reason that it can only go so far as the people care to take it…

Now I ask that we, the founding volunteers, should always be seen as just that — volunteers. We are the replaceable conduit that has ignited the spark that brought divided communities together. Our actions with this project should be seen merely as a catalyst for the community to further the work, the development, the overall mission. We hold dear to our hearts the significance of the seed we have planted into the world. This seed however, will only grow into the beautiful tree if we, as a community, do our part to ensure the root system is strong. We must all water our beautiful seedling, nurture the soil, and continue to support the growth until we stand tall and proud — providing shade for generations to come.

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